The Fire Sprinkler Advantage

Have you ever thought about installing fire sprinklers in your home? While home smoke alarms are usually included in building codes, many states don't require homes to have fire suppression systems. However, fire sprinklers can be extremely important when it comes to keeping your family and possessions safe in the event of a fire. Here is a detailed overview of home fire sprinklers.

  • Protecting Your Family

    Many fire-related deaths occur in homes at night when residents are asleep. Although smoke alarms are extremely important, you can increase your home's level of protection with fire sprinkler installation. Sprinklers can slow down or even extinguish fires quickly, providing more time for people to escape. Residential systems can provide additional protection for high-risk members of your family, including children, older adults, and those with disabilities.

  • Upgrading Home Safety

    You may be thinking that fire sprinklers are for commercial buildings and are too expensive to install in a home. However, most systems are not that complicated and can be easily installed in most homes at an affordable price. If you are building a new home, it's extremely simple and affordable to add a sprinkler system during construction. Even in existing homes, it's a fairly easy project to install fire sprinklers in the attic or space above every room in the house.

  • How Fire Sprinklers Work

    Home fire sprinklers have a fairly simple design but remain highly reliable in their ability to suppress fires. Each sprinkler is connected to a water pipe and contains a plug that prevents water from leaving the sprinkler. The heat generated by a fire removes the plug, allowing the water to spray out around the local area surrounding the fire. Oftentimes, the water can extinguish a fire entirely before the fire department arrives saving your home and your family’s lives.

Important benefits of having home fire sprinklers

Sprinklers are designed so that only those near the fire activate while the others remain closed to prevent unnecessary water damage. Additionally, their ability to suppress or even put out fires often reduces the amount of water firefighters need to use once they arrive on the scene. Having sprinklers in your home can provide peace of mind that your family will be safer in the event of a house fire.