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Our Church thrives because of the energy and style of the people who are a part of our leadership. Here are a few of the people that make our church community special:

Per our constitution the council consists of now 7 members, the Officers are the President, Vice President, the Pastor, Financial Officer.


Council President, Ron Taylor

As President and Ececutive Officer  of the congregation I preside at all meetings of the church council and congregational meetings. During the absence of our Pastor, I serve as the liasion for Pastoral matters.  My duties also include following the By-Laws and the Consitution of First Evangelical Lutheran Church.  All meetings requiring voting members will be governed by the parlimenatry proceedures of Robert's Rules of Order




Linda Blanton council member 006Council Vice President,

Linda Blanton

Attend all council meetings an serve on the execitive committee as needeed. In the absence of the President, or in the event of his inability to function, I shall act for and in the stead of the President.    I shall assist the President whenever called upon If required, perform all duties of the President.





 DennyFinicial Officer, Denny Nagel

Responsible for supervising and coordinating the overall planning, organizing, directing and controlling of various functions within the framework of church business. Responsible for supervising the preparation of financial reports, maintaining adequate cash flow, so that the church meets its financial   obligations; participates in budget

planning and implementation; working with church leader to manage and repay debt; managing payroll for church employees; and filing tax reports; cooperates with outside auditors and outside regulatory / legal officials.





 Carl Elliott,

Property Committee

My name is Carl Elliott and I am currently serving on Church Council at First Lutheran. My area of responsibility is church property. As such, I see to the maintenance needs of our building and the grounds on which the building is located.

We try to maintain whatever we can, ourselves, but if that is not possible, we have to hire outside resources. I also purchase the items that are needed for the everyday function of our church such as paper towels, to, light bulbs, etc.




Ron Taylor,

Evangelism Committee

First Lutheran’s Evangelism Committee is a group of committed members who believe strongly in the idea that our church is: Empowered by the Holy Spirit for Worship, Reaching Out, Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and Serving. In the past two years this committee has been instrumental in leading the congregation in Strategic Planning to foster the beginnings of new and vibrant ministries to encourage new life in both our congregation and to serve our neighbors in our community.



Adele Lerch council member 010

Adele Lerch, Outreach

To continually develop and support a variety of programs which offer comfort and services for those in our community who do not have adequate resources of their own to care for their needs.  By applying the teachings of Jesus Christ, we will work with related/associated organizations and groups inproviding services     as required by community needs.

The Community Outreach Ministry enables the First Lutheran congregation to help feed the hungry, provide appropriate shelter for the homeless, clothe needy families, and offer comfort to the suffering of our community




Linda Blanton council member 006

Linda Blanton, Congrational Care & Fellowship

Loving, our brothers and sisters among us by showing, Christian concern is a wonderful witness to our loving Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. The responsibility of this ministry is to:

Notice members absent from worship, responding with ears to hear concerns and to remind them they are truly missed, cared, and prayed for.

Greeting cards mailed on special occasions to the shut-ins as a friendly reminder that they are in our thoughts and prayers. Cards sent to members during times of illness & death in the family. Funeral meal provided for members if the family wishes to have one. Audio tapes of worship services, hand delivered weekly to shut-ins by caring members if requested. Sound Technicians operate the sound system and provide tapes for the tape ministry. These volunteers must be knowledgeable about the equipment, the liturgy, and the vocal qualities of speakers and singers. Periodic training and lots of practice are requirements.

Arrange for in-home communion for homebound members. Home communion visitors reach out to homebound members with the presence of Christ, taking communion to those members limited in their ability to come to church. These volunteers alternate with the Pastor in providing this ministry. The Altar Guild prepares the home communion kits and places them on the altar for blessing during the congregation’s celebration.





Prayer Candles

Stewardship, Craig Redder

To encourage faithful stewardship and oversee the congregation’s financial activities.  Also, to facilitate the manifestation of the gifts of each member of First Lutheran Church in the life of the church by maintaining contact with manifestation of the gifts of each member of First Lutheran Church in the life of the church by maintaining contact with the Church.



                                                    Rick McClelland, Education & Youth


To set examples, teach and lead, following the truth for our congregation and to help educate for our church community with emphasis on our youth and beyond.

This mission is achieved through Church, Sunday school and other education services. We reach out to serve in seeking activities that create the opportunity to fellowship with one another and practice our Christian gifts. Our goal is to learn how to walk on the path that our Lord has shown us and to do that we see education as an ongoing project that we strive to improve every step of the way.




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